Our design services range from:

1. Corporate Identity Campaign

>> Your customers can associate your company's visual identity with just a color, a combination of colors, shapes, pictures, visual spaces...that your company uses to identify yourself from the competitors. A strong corporate identity could reinforce brand recognition among your customers. Our corporate identity campaign services including a wide array of design services range from logo, annual reports to uniform, corporate souvenirs/premiums, directional signs or any other kinds of visual identity.

2. Branding Design

>> Brand recognition and other reactions are created through the influence of advertising and design. So branding design has become increasingly important to build up brand recognition and brand equity in which the brand enjoys a critical mass of positive sentiment in the marketplace. Our branding design services range from brochure, packaging, brand fonts, color schemes, symbols to signages, banners and image shop design etc.

3. Advertising

>> Our ad creative services cover TV, newspaper, magazine and all other kinds of electronic & print media. It ranges from concept, design to even a slogan & sound.

4. All other Graphic Designs

>> We also provide a full range of graphic design services such as leaflets, pamphlets, posters, souvenirs, book design...etc

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If a service you are after is not listed above please contact us.